Our History & Mission

As China plays an increasingly great role in the international community and with its continued economic growth, we genuinely hope to see that Duke China-U.S. can bring together our youth abroad, to see how China has changed and developed, and to take our responsibility in welcoming a future of cooperation between China and U.S.

Based on the vast platform of Duke and DKU, we would like to fuse the unique and abundant resources provided by the two campuses and explore a wide range of topics, whether it is environmental policy, youth leadership in a different age of globalization, or new approaches to China-U.S. partnership in higher education. We want to break limitations and make our voices heard, from a Duke unique perspective.

In addition, with Duke’s far-reaching and tight alumni network, we hope to broaden Duke students’ horizons by exposing them to the most pressing problems in the world today, and encourage them to hold tight to the belief that the globe belongs to us all, and that we all can and should make a difference.

Our Team

Yutao Gong


Alice Liao


Esther Wang

Executive Vice President

Qiufeng Zhang

Executive Vice President

May Mei

Finance VP

Lynn Fan

Business Development VP

Joyce Zhang

Special Event Chair

Ada Ye

Sustainability Panel Chair

Joyce Wang

Business & Tech Panel Chair

Xuanyu Zhou

Education Panel Chair

Alex Xiao

Spotlight Conversation Chair

Jeffrey Zheng

Logistics Chair

Jingchao Zhou

Technology Chair

Tanya Zhang

Administration Chair

Leo Zou

DKU Coordinator

Nathan Cao

DKU Coordinator

Yetta He

DKU Coordinator

Chengxi Xie


Gary Zheng


Jingxuan Liu


Joyce Chen


Yirui Zhao